Finding your place as an SPC

Time to take yet another jab at the SPC. The SPC role is massive, and as I mentioned before - people can't be good at everything the role suggests. That's simply because there are too many different things you might be doing.

DISCLAIMER: Proceed with caution. This model needs refinement.

So, I've created this simple model as a brain dump on what an SPC could spend their time with.
If you're an SPC and/or Agile Coach, you can try checking the boxes and see where that lands you.


  • If you're an organization looking for an SPC, let them make their check marks.
    This gives you an impression of what you're hiring for.
  • If you're an SPC as part of a company's SPC community, this gives you a reflection opportunity to see if what you do is what you want to be doing.
  • If you meet as an SPC community, you may want to compare your results with your peers - it's a great discussion starter!


  • I would like to say, "There are no rights and no wrongs" - but that wouldn't be entirely true. A few combinations would be pretty insane. If you can't figure out which ones, ... I have bad news.
  • Not all combinations are consistent - I hope that's not what you're doing.
  • As the dividing line is, "where you spend more than 10% of your time" - there shouldn't be more than 10 checks.
    • I would assume that an average SPC shouldn't have more than 5 or 6.
    • Being a non-average SPC means you're probably spreading yourself too thin.

Feedback welcome. I would like to improve this so it can be the most useful tool for others.

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